Freshlogic has developed significant capabilities in analysing and profiling the food market, which allows clients to assess and validate the volume and value of market channels and category segments.

THRUchain supply chain model


We use our THRUchain model to view segments of the Australian food market from production through to consumption, allowing visibility of distribution channel share and volumes.

We quantify the size and share of markets and complement this with detailed consumer insights. This approach ensures our information products are based on accurate and current market conditions, and are therefore, commercially valid.

Our capabilities draw on:

  • Mapping and measuring value chains to the market.
  • Corroborating market size at key consolidation points in the chain
  • Identifying volume and value drivers.
  • Using our THRUchain model to consolidate supply and demand data from a variety of sources.
  • Identifying pressure points in value chains – why they occur, their impact, and potential outcomes.
  • Understanding trends and future directions.
  • Identifying key participants in value chains and their influence.
  • We employ various services as appropriate, including insights and data gained from Mealpulse and Adwatch, as well as specific surveys of participants in value chains (whether as suppliers of product or services and inputs).

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