Shopping metrics

Freshlogic incorporates key shopping metrics into our analysis and modelling of the Australian fresh food market, ensuring our insights are accurate and have a depth available nowhere else.

Through our unique data collection systems, we track key shopping metrics such as:

  • Average purchase quantity and spend per trip
  • Household penetration – the share of households which are purchasing – that differentiates between frequent and infrequent purchasers
  • Number of shopping trips per household and for the total market
  • Consumption per capita

We are able to break down and analyse these key measures in conjunction with Australian food consumer trends and behaviour Including by demographic household segment, by the supermarket the household shops at most frequently, and by a wide range of other factors, enabled by our Mealpulse™ consumer survey.

These measures also enable us to validate market size and track change using our Penetration and Consumption Matrix, shown below.

Freshlogic penetration and consumption matrix

The collection and analysis of these key shopping metrics underpin the accuracy of insights which Freshlogic can offer organisations in the Australian fresh food sector.

Freshlogic shopping metric insights in action:

Discover how our shopping metrics can help you better understand your market.