Price Tracking

Granny Smith apple retail priceFood pricing can reveal a wealth of insight into the complicated relationship between supply and demand, as well as the strategies of key market entities.

Understanding these factors is an important element to making successful business decisions in the Australian fresh food market.

Freshlogic tracks fresh food pricing at a retail and wholesale level, enabling up-to-the-minute tactical analysis and examination of long-term trends and influences. We process and weight this data using a comprehensive understanding of the Australian fresh food market, meaning we are able to accurately and concisely draw out the meaning beneath the numbers.

This market pricing analysis is integrated in many of the products and services Freshlogic delivers, including our Category Profiles. We can also provide targeted analysis on pricing data to clients on an as-needs basis.

We've recently launched Freshlogic Analytics which offers enhanced market information and insights through an online delivery system. This means you can have access to all services including retail promotional prices live with 24-7 system access.
Email to set up a Zoom video meeting and view what is on offer. 

Freshlogic price tracking insights in action: