Mealpulse Consumer Panel


Mealpulse™ is a research and analysis platform that enables users to gain food market insights through a better understanding of Australian food consumers and food consumer trends.

Operated by Freshlogic, this data-rich, independent consumer panel delves into the minds of todays' consumer, capturing fresh food consumer behaviour, attitudes and food consumption habits of Australian households. With almost 10 years of analysed data, Mealpulse™ provides historical information that captures the marked changes in fresh food consumer's purchasing behaviour, as they seek better value.

Mealpulse™ is unique, as it:

  • Captures household purchases of food consumed both at home (retail) and away from home (foodservice).
  • Provides data on all retailers, including supermarkets and specialist retailers such as greengrocers, butchers and fishmongers.
  • Can be combined with DocketData™, our collection of information from shopper dockets, to validate purchase quantity and spend per shopping trip.
  • Combines with Freshlogic's other data inputs and models to allow assessments of fresh food market size and share by channel and category.


Mealpulse™ offers concise usage & attitude profiles:

  • a consumer research and analysis capacity to test new product concepts and explore buying, usage and attitude settings.
  • Enabled by the design and execution of a set client issue specific questions to the Mealpulse™ panel of household food buyers. 
  • Provides scope to explore product quality and brand perceptions through advanced image prompts and question design.
  • Capacity to assess buying and usage behaviour, plus generate new insight from a wealth of other respondent data.
  • receive tailored research analysis with findings and implications from consumer, category and channel assessments.
  • to test new product concepts and market share by Design for coverage all food eaten at home and away from home. This provides insight into the new frontier of competition between retail and food service channels as they compete for consumers who demand value and yet show increasing willingness to pay for meal ready convenience.


Mealpulse™ incorporates the following functionality:

  • Generates the market metrics to credibly define fresh food market sizes, channel share, household penetration and purchase frequency.
  • A default analysis to 5 household segments based on socio-demographic and economic variables, plus capacity to derive and define client specific segmentation.
  • Capacity to explore client specific issues in detail and then correlate those findings with a wide set of data on food consumer trends, influences and buyer behaviour. 
  • Food market research and analysis synergies that provide timely turnaround, deeper food market insight and greater return on your research investment.


Our clients drawing on the Mealpulse™ findings are informed on consumers’ changing buying and consumption behaviours, thereby enabling them to answer questions such as:

  • What is driving the market growth for the product categories we are operating in?
  • What are the appealing attributes of the products generating price premiums in our categories?
  • How can we convince my retail distributors to see the growth opportunity my new product offer?
  • How often do households buy our product, in what quantity and then what meal occasions do they use it for? 
  • What are the main reasons people don’t buy my product?
  • What is the real impact of sensitivities to food origin, nutrition and processing, when consumers are buying food in my categories?

The Mealpulse™ panel provides the detailed understanding of food consumers that shapes the demand side in all our food market analysis.

We also offer customised consumer research services to clients which provide cost-effective and timely access to a substantial respondent base designed to support new product development or investment decisions.

Freshlogic's DocketData insights in action

  • Read 'What consumers are looking for in food', published in the Avocados Australia magazine, Summer 2018 edition, p 44

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