Market Sizes and Supply Chain Analysis

An understanding and analysis of the attributes of efficient and well-informed supply chains is a core competence of our business. Our approach is to ensure that a whole-of-chain perspective is brought to client assignments to assist making judgments and taking action. Using our THRUchain model, these insights are applied in a number of ways across our research and analysis.

Our track record in food supply chain analysis has included:

  • Carried out comparative analyses of Australian domestic market food distribution channels.
  • Assessed the efficiency of food supply chains using interrogative survey and scoring/weighting tools.
  • Researching and developing market entry or extension strategies with clients in a range of fresh and processed food categories.
  • Evaluated alternative value-capture models and strategies, including best practice supply chains in a number of different food and non-food sectors.
  • Developed a supply chain profile of where food waste is incurred along the food supply chain and how that waste is managed. This supply chain mapping identified the increasing acknolwedgement of food waste as a resource.
  • Identifying where along the food supply chain value is being added and captured, as well as their key drivers.

Enabled by our set of unique research and analysis tools, Freshlogic has the depth of understanding to accurately track food market size including fresh fruit, vegetables and animal proteins, as well as Australian food supply chain analysis.

Freshlogic food supply chain analysis in action: