Fresh Food Market Size

Power business strategy and category planning with the deepest understanding available of fresh market performance and dynamics across retail, online and food service.


Retail Market

A profile of the category level volume, value and growth for the largest distribution channel for fresh food. This includes the quarterly market share of the major retailers. In keeping with the Freshlogic approach the market volume and value aligns with supply and household purchases.

Retail Sales Mix

A profile of the volume and value contribution of product types to retail category sales. Designed to
provide insight into the drivers of growth fromthe likes of seasonality, retail ranging, new products and promotional activity.

Retail Range

An assembly of fruit and vegetable category retail ranges of the retailer’s products each month. Designed to efficiently gather and analyse all SKU level market data to inform new retail range reviews. Also use in new product development planning and to identify the differences in seasonal range.

Food Service

Identification of all primary and secondary food service distribution channels into the Australian market. Also provides annual volumes and fresh fruit and vegetable categories purchased and the buying methods and number of outlets of each sub-channel.


Online Food

An assembly of online food market intel and trading data that includes the sales and market
share of the major food retailers and home delivery meal plan providers. Draws on the detail of online purchases per trip and compares that to retail trip purchases. Available in dashboards and updated monthly.

Online Fruit & Veg

Fruit & Vegetable online purchase behaviour that extends to include trip purchase value, total market size and growth per quarter. Also available is a capacity to analyse the variations in category purchase quantity between online and retail shopping trips.

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