Database providing visualisation tools to join dots between crops, area, region and production volume.

It covers data for around 60 crops spread over 80 regions in Australia and provides exact numbers for production area in hectares (Ha) and volume of production in tonnes (t).

How is the database built?

Freshlogic team reconciled the production volume data with the supply chain volumes and values. The credentials of these values have been confirmed at each stage of the supply chain.

The production volume of crops and planting area has also been confirmed with the wide network of agronomists the business engages with.

What does the database comprise of?

The first dashboard allows users to browse by regions and analyse coverage (in hectares) of crops grown in that region.

The second dashboard enables users to select a specific crop and drill down to a geographical level to understand the size of the market.

The third dashboard outlines the shape and levels of data available for use in the analysis that all adds up to state and national totals.


  • The dashboard displays data for around 60 crops covering more than 80 production regions across Australia.
  • Values of production area and volume can be analysed on a state-level and regions within the state level.
  • The Input Forecaster tool enables users to calculate the amount of total inputs and the total cost associated with it.
  • Users will have the access to the latest information as it is updated every 6 months.


  • Provides wide range of data
  • Helps define the market size and enables resource planning
  • Assists in identifying opportunities across Australia
  • Hands on the most up-to-date information

How can you access it?

HaRCt database resides in the Freshlogic Analytics Tableau portal and can be accessed through an annual subscription.

Get in touch to arrange a video call to step you through the HaRCt system.