Freshlogic Analytics Service

Flexible access to a complete set of fresh fruit and vegetable market information and insights.

Available through the best of class, Tableau business intelligence software, Freshlogic Analytics covers it all from production, trade, wholesale, retail, and promotions through to household buying patterns and consumer attitudes and values. 

Designed to provide tailored access to a fuller set of market information, it also includes an analysis engine to generate business specific insights. 

This capacity is informed by market data gathered through the range of unique Freshlogic research tools and analysis methods which include:

  • The Mealpulse™ food consumer panel and the DocketData, which captures consumer attitudes and food buying behaviour.
  • Capture of product level detail of all retail promotional activity in Adwatch™.
  • Capture of product level pricing at wholesale, retail and household levels.
  • THRUchain modelling systems that define and reconcile volume supplied with distribution channel and household consumption.
Data and analysis is refreshed at weekly, monthly and quarterly frequencies. Up to 5 years of historical data and analysis is included.

This software has been selected as it leads in this space, with advantages that include:

  • Response speed, flexibility and advanced data visualisation.
  • User support and training available.
  • An R&D commitment to ongoing improvement.
Subscribers have 24-7 system access, plus the advanced analysis capacity of Tableau. If further primary analysis is required, the Freshlogic team will undertake to do so in 48 hours. Subscribers can also configure and build their own dashboards, and have the option to house internal data in a secure environment.

Freshlogic will continue to add further content, with modules on food service and product use in the home currently in development.

Category analysis includes:
  • Detailed coverage of 50 fresh fruit and  vegetable categories.
  • Category market size in volume and value.
  • Product group level sales contribution.
  • Retailer market share by volume and value, by quarter.
  • Market supply from production and imports.
  • Wholesale price per kg, by week.
  • Australian and international export market, trade data and analysis.
  • Retail, food service, and export distribution channel share. 
  • Food service share by sub-channel.
  • Household buying metrics by category: penetration, number of shopping trips, quantity purchased and price paid.
  • Analysis tools to assess distribution channels, categories and retailer performance.
  • Retailer penetration by catergory.         
Household and consumer attitudes, values and food buying behaviour.

This is a set of responses from households that provide consumer insight and guide category development.

Household attitudes include:

  • The importance of attitudes and values as buying influences.
  • Product attributes consumers are willing to pay more for. 

Household behaviours include:

  • Supermarket shoppers who also buy from a greengrocer, by main supermarket. 
  • Reasons for shopping at a greengrocer.
  • Split shopping tendency and patterns.
Adwatch includes:
  • Product level price detail of all fresh food retail advert activity in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, and WA that reaches at least 50% of the metro region in each state capital.
  • Captures daily activity, media form, and promotional type. 
  • Available same day and in weekly summaries, with 3 years’ history.
  • Analysis tools to assess product group level by retailer and state market.
  • Coverage of 80 fruit and vegetable  categories.

Contact us for sample access or more information on annual subscription packages. 

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