freshlogic_foodmap_2011_cover.jpgA comprehensive Australian food supply chain analysis.

FOODMap was a comparative analysis of Australian food distribution channels examining the different ways food reaches consumers, ranging from the well-known and highly visible, such as supermarkets, restaurants and coffee shops, to the less obvious, such as hospitals, workplace canteens and prisons.

It assesses the capacity of different food industries to understand their market, develop innovative products, and diversify their product range. The work identifies the drivers of volume and value in each case, and the relative propensity of each category and channel to capture value.

The project was undertaken for the Australian Department of Agriculture, and FOODMap reports were released in 2007 and 2011.

FOODMap was a whole-of-market application of the THRUchain™ modelling process, which continues to form a core part of Freshlogic’s capabilities.

Contact us to learn more about Freshlogic’s FOODMap project or request of a copy of the 2011 report.