FOODFrontiers is a forward-looking, in-depth set of insights about the Australian food market. It identifies key food market trends forecast to impact the Australian food market over the next 12-18 months, and highlights the implications for your business.

This analysis is both thought-provoking and pragmatic, and is designed as a cost-effective strategic tool to guide decision making. It is valuable for enterprises supplying or working in food supply chains.

  • Explores the links between key food market influences and consumer food buying and consumption behaviour.
  • Profiles changes in market settings including the importance of key attributes such as convenience and value.
  • Incorporates an evidence base to validate findings.
  • Uses the most recently available market data including the latest Mealpulse™ food consumer panel responses.
  • Utilises the expertise of professional food industry experts with the ability to look across the food market frontier and draw meaningful insights.

FOODFrontiers extends out to identify a tailored set of commercial implications specific to your business, and is designed for use as:

  • A strategic tool that puts the food market into a context that can guide decision-making for your business.
  • An insightful injection into your business development agenda.
  • The content to validate your new product agenda with commercial customers.

The tailored implications are developed following a consultation process where we listen to your needs and understand your business priorities.

More information

FOODFrontiers is regularly updated to incorporate the latest influences and insights. It is available as a report and can also be delivered through a facilitated workshop. A common and effective use has been to invite key stakeholders to a workshop and use FOODFrontiers as a tool to stimulate discussion and clarify your shared strategic direction.

Contact us today or more information and to discuss how FOODFrontiers analysis can assist your business.

Freshlogic FOODFrontiers insights in action