Food Consumer Trends & Behaviour

Consumer shopping in storeFreshlogic evaluates and tracks consumer behaviour using our own dedicated consumer panel, Mealpulse™, which captures the food attitudes, buying behaviour and consumption habits of Australian households for food eaten at home and away from home. With more than 8 years of data, we have valuable historical information readily available.

We track the changes in spending patterns and structure of the total food market, and analyse changes in consumer attitudes and behaviours towards food purchasing and consumption.

Our data is unique in that it covers food eaten at home and away from home, and therefore has captured the marked changes of recent times as households have sought to capture better value.

We use our independently researched Mealpulse™ consumer panel combined with Docketdata™, our collection of panel respondents’ food shopping dockets, to provide our in-depth analysis and insights. 

Using our unique tools we are able to track consumer behaviour within specific time frames to help aid decision-making. Our range of data enables us to tailor the information and analysis to our clients.

In addition to integrating our understanding of consumer behaviour into all of our analysis, we also offer customised consumer research services which provides cost-effective and timely access to a substantial respondent base designed to support new product development or investment decisions.


Freshlogic food consumer trends insights in action:

- Read 'Domestic opportunities for table grapes’ article on page 24, published in The Vine July-Sept, 2017 edition, the quarterly journal for the Australian table grape and dried fruits industries.

- Read ‘You won't believe what the most popular online meal delivery item is’ article published in delicious. Jul 23, 2017.


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