Food Consumer Research

Freshlogic evaluates and tracks fresh food consumer behaviour using our own dedicated consumer research panel, Mealpulse™. In addition to integrating our understanding of food consumer trends and behaviour into all of our analysis, we also offer customised consumer research services to clients.

We offer qualitative and quantitative research solutions for companies looking to better understand their food consumers and or the performance of their retail distributors.   

The Mealpulse™ consumer panel is a sound platform for customised food consumer research, and gives Freshlogic the ability to correlate client-specific results with panellists' responses to broader behavioural, demographic and psychographic questions, providing in-depth and commercially usable insights. Research are also enhanced by being combined with Docketdata™, our collection of panel respondents’ food shopping dockets, to provide transaction level detail greater analytical depth. These capacities are well placed to answer the questions raised to support new product development or investment decisions.

Mealpulse™ captures the detail of 15,000 weeks food shopping annually. It provides effective and timely access to a substantial respondent base, which is managed to ensure all results can be accurately extended to a nationally representative sample covering all household segments across metro, rural and regional locations.

The pace of today’s business environment dictates the value of timely delivery of market information and insights. The structure of the Mealpulse™ panel and regularity of the survey means you can have in depth answers to your business questions in a shorter timeframes.

The results are presented in a tailored report that includes findings and implications for your business. We can also deliver results in a presentation.

This service is available as a one-off analysis, or as part of an ongoing review to monitor changes over time.

Contact us today for more detail and to understand how customised consumer research can meet your business requirements.


Freshlogic's food consumer research insights in action