DocketData shopper retail docketsDocketData is one of Freshlogic’s unique data sources. Mealpulse™ panel respondents forward their dockets for the retail food purchases they made during the week they completed their online response.

The data from these dockets or receipts is captured and processed through a combination of scanning and in-house software. This has proven to be a more comprehensive and effective way to capture the product detail of retail food purchases, as it does not rely on respondent recall nor does it cause response fatigue and lead to flawed results. It serves to create respondent time that allows other issues to be efficiently explored. 

DocketData captures all available transaction variables including; retailer, date, time, store location, product description, size, quantity, price, shopping trip size and the basis to enable the analysis of promotional impacts and companion product relationships.       

DocketData is combined with Mealpulse™ respondent profiles and preferences as well as other information such as trip frequency and market share between supermarkets and specialists. This allows assessment of aspirational intent and actual buying behaviour, variations by household segment and state, as well as by retailer and time of week.

DocketData can be used to identify and track Australian food consumer trends, with fresh food market insights including:

  • The product types or brands that are generating a price premium.  
  • Variations in the product form and volume of product purchased at each retailer and across different households, which is particularly relevant with fresh food where consumers are determining the quantity.
  • The promotional impact on purchase quantity.   
  • Seasonal influences on purchasing patterns and purchasing behaviour over time.  
  • Any evidence of companion or substitute purchasing relationships between products.
  • The average sale and number of items in a shopping trip by retailer and household.

Freshlogic can track changes by quarter or yearly, and can assess variations between product sub-categories, as well as fresh food consumer trends .

Freshlogic's DocketData insights in action

  • Read 'What consumers are looking for in food', published in the Avocados Australia magazine, Summer 2018 edition, p 44

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