Category Profiles

Freshlogic’s Fruit and Vegetable Category Profiles provide detailed food supply chain analysis, definitive fresh food market size, market influences and Australian food consumer analysis of individual fresh food categories. They are designed to guide business and category planning, and are an invaluable resource for supporting discussions with business and retail partners.

These profiles are the most cost effective and timely way for enterprises to understand a category and to gain insight into commercial opportunities specific to their business. They provide detailed information in a clear and concise manner allowing the user to quickly come up to speed with important market dynamics and influences.


Freshlogic’s Fruit and Vegetable Category Profiles are supported by a well-developed model, extensive industry knowledge and a broad range of data sources including Freshlogic’s own unique data sources (Mealpulse™, Adwatch, and DocketData). They are refreshed on an ongoing basis to incorporate the latest information, and are available on a turnaround of 5-10 business days.

Freshlogic’s THRUchain model approach enables food supply chain analysis and mapping of your category. The scope of the profiles spans from supply through to consumption, ensuring volumes at both ends add up through a food supply chain analysis covering supermarkets, specialist retailers, food service, processing and international trade. Fresh food market size, both volume and value, is also calculated and included.

Our Fruit and Vegetable Category Profiles cover more than 40 categories, across all major fruits and vegetables and are available individually or as part of a package arrangement with our other services.

Each Category Profile typically incorporates analysis on the following:

  • Fruit and vegetable retail market size by category (in dollar value and volume)
  • Moving annual totals and annual growth rates
  • Retail and foodservice channel market share
  • Production profile to state level                                                            
  • Import and export volumes, plus import product sales impact analysis
  • Wholesale price patterns over the last two years including state level detail
  • Category contribution to the wider category group
  • Retail range profile and sales contribution in volume and value
  • Global retail range analysis that frames local range gaps
  • Retail promotional activity over the last two years
  • Australian food consumer behaviour including shopping frequency, purchase quantity and spend
  • Consumption, use and preparation profile
  • Per capita consumption and food consumer trends
  • Tailored insights relevant to your business situation.

Send me the detail of the categories covered and the investment required.