The Fruit & Veg market pulse- Retail promotions

In the 2nd week of Feb there were 353 state level fruit & veg adverts, which was a 20% lift on 2018. Vegetables were 59% and fruit 40% and the top 6 categories were Cut Leaf Salads, Grapes, Potatoes, Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Nectarines.  The price for all adverts averaged $7.13 per kg, with vegetables $8.44 and boosted by the higher value Cut Leaf Salads, and Fruit $5.26.

There was more promotional activity in Qld and in WA than in either NSW or VIC. Of the major national retailers, Woolworths led with 84 adverts to Coles’s 66 and Aldi’s 36.

► This promotional activity reflects a mixture of considerations for; supply, prevailing prices and assured availability. At present it also clearly reflects the retail competitive intensity and strong need for sales growth.

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