February Fruit wholesale prices reflect extremes

The seasonal mid-season flush has led Summerfruit prices to drop below last year, with Cherries (-37%), Nectarines (-22%), Plums (-22%) and Peaches (-9%). Apricots were the only lift at +12%. Some of these prices reflect disrupted supply last year but these lows will flow on to impact domestic retail fruit sales. Summerfruit availability coincides with annual peaks in retail fruit sales as this product range draws in more casual “fresh fruit snack” buyers. If summerfruit values are substantially lower retail sales value will be impacted.  However, over this same period Banana prices have firmed 62% on last year and no doubt flowed through to positively impact retail sales values.

     → Fruit demand and prices will always be impacted by supply and seasonality, but there is also a need to consider the prices of competing fruit products.

An insight from Freshlogic Analytics