Approach and Values

Our Approach

Our business has been built on the following principles and practices:

Specialism – We specialise in food supply chains and markets and influences on consumer behaviour, and make ongoing investments to continually enhance this specialism. By maintaining our focus on food, we sustain cells of expertise that allow us to provide more detailed, insightful, and commercially valid services.

Stretch – We aim to exceed client requirements, adding commercial and pragmatic insights to create actionable outcomes and a platform for monitoring performance.

Validity – Analysis has to stack up and add up. We strive to ensure the validity of our analysis through corroboration and reconciliation, supported by well-developed models and processes, and an extensive range of data sources.

Flexibility – All of our analysis is tailored to ensure it is relevant to each individual client’s specific business needs and priorities. We listen to our clients and seek to fully understand your needs before commencing analysis.

Agility – Our management team owns Freshlogic. We operate with a lean cost culture and can respond quickly to the changing market environment and client needs.


Our Values

At Freshlogic, we hold the following values:

Strong commitment – We are committed to the needs of clients and stakeholders, and always aim to deliver what we promise.

Integrity – We respect clients and stakeholders through honest and open communications while strictly protecting the confidentiality of all parties involved.

Collaboration – We actively collaborate with clients, project partners, other stakeholders and our trusted network of information providers for mutual benefit.

Objectivity – We are independent consultants and analysts, not aligned to any industry group or sector, not reliant on public sector funding, and not beholden to any organisation or perspective. We are not afraid to provide an honest assessment.