Adwatch retail promotional cataloguesThe Adwatch™ service provides access to data tracking retailer promotional activity from food retailers in the five main states. Over the past six years Freshlogic has tracked and recorded a wealth of food and grocery promotional activity data, capturing over 6,500 lines of retail promotions weekly.

Adwatch™ identifies all state level promotional activity involved in external consumer media, and captures all the product level and retailer detail, covering all fresh food as well as grocery.

Adwatch™ is typically used to assess category and product performance and monitor trade spend. Adwatch™ data is available at timeframes to suit client needs and analysis support tools are provided.

Why is it relevant?

Retailer food advertising has a direct impact on food and grocery markets. It influences consumer perception of value, drives the switching between competing and alternate food products, influences the purchase of complementary products, and it can set market prices for fresh seasonal product.

Retailer advertising is also a vital part of new product launch platforms as well as ongoing brand support, and it provides invaluable market intelligence.

The current intensity of the retail food market means that this data is even greater value as an indicator of competing market activity. In the post-GFC environment, consumers are even more value-conscious. This has led to new price levels, changes to weekly timing of promotions and marked differences in the level of activity between retailers.

The Adwatch™ service is in a readily-accessible form that can be used to support tactical trading decisions, planning and assessment in your business. This relevant and timely information can give decision-makers the capacity to understand and influence how promotional activity has impacted retail category value and volume, and in turn, evaluate the impact on their own brand and business performance.

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