About Us

We are specialist food market researchers and analysts with deep expertise in fresh and prepared foods. We set out to deliver commercially valid and accessible analysis that can be used to guide investment and strategy decisions. We anchor what we do on our accuracy and the quality of our insights.

Our established models and processes mean we can provide the information you need in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our analysis is regularly updated and always contains the latest information.

We excel in providing accurate analysis where little information currently exists. We do this by ‘joining the dots’ – utilising our extensive experience, advanced models and unique data sources – and by applying a thorough reconciliation process across all our market anchors.

Our accuracy is enabled by assessing an individual distribution channel or product category within the context of the whole market. We ensure we understand a market and that it all adds up by reconciling all data anchors from market supply through to household consumption. 

To deliver new levels of market insight we have developed our own set of collection tools, which provide us with unique perspectives and the capacity for deeper insights. This data levers off our sole focus on food markets, where we continue to build stronger skills and analysis processes, aimed at interpreting food market dynamics and consumer behaviour, and providing insight into the associated implications.

Timely information

We understand that those investing in market information and insights are seeking a quick response. Therefore, we collect market data on an ongoing basis and offer a number of advanced analyses in prompt turnaround, as well as providing the option of deep investigative dives on specific issues tailored to your needs.